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ChatGPT - Open AI

OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with Voice and Image Search Capabilities

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a powerful technology that has revolutionized our interactions with artificial intelligence. Originally intended for text-based prompts, this generative AI engine now incorporates voice and image-based capabilities. This article explores how ChatGPT is evolving into a more versatile AI tool.

ChatGPT Voice Interaction:

ChatGPT’s latest update introduces voice interaction, which makes it even more engaging and convenient. With voice conversations, users can interact with the chatbot beyond traditional text interactions. The ChatGPT can now respond in spoken word form whether you want to craft a bedtime story or answer a question.

The new features of ChatGPT include image search. ChatGPT can provide explanations or instructions based on images uploaded by users. From identifying objects to assisting with specific tasks, this feature opens up a wide range of possibilities.


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Voice Technology:

OpenAI has developed a state-of-the-art text-to-speech model to power its voice capabilities. Based on text and short samples of speech, this model can generate human-like voices. To ensure a diverse and engaging user experience, OpenAI collaborated with professional voice actors to create five distinct voices. The Whisper speech recognition system is also used to enhance the accuracy of voice interactions by transcribing spoken language into text.

Open AI Partnership with Spotify:

Introducing innovative features for podcasters, OpenAI has partnered with Spotify, a leading music streaming platform. Using ChatGPT’s voice technology, podcasters can translate their shows into multiple languages while retaining their original voice. This feature promises to make podcasts more accessible and engaging for a global audience.

These innovations allow for creative and accessible applications, but they also pose new challenges. There is a possibility that these capabilities will be misused by malicious actors, such as impersonation or fraud.

Over the next two weeks, these exciting features will gradually be rolled out to paying Plus and Enterprise subscribers. To enable voice capabilities, users can navigate to the “settings” menu, select “new features,” and select “voice.” For ChatGPT Android and iOS apps, voice functionality will be available as an opt-in beta, while image search will be available by default.

ChatGPT continues to be enhanced by OpenAI, making it more dynamic and versatile than ever. In addition to enhancing the user experience and expanding the potential applications of AI technology, these advancements mark a significant step forward in the generative AI landscape.

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