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Amazon’s  AWS offers new chatbot and AI security features to corporate costumers

Amazon introduces “Q,” a revolutionary chatbot designed for corporations, to lure major corporate clients to its AWS cloud computing service. The announcement came at Amazon’s annual cloud computing conference in Las Vegas, and it follows by an offer to protect clients against any legal and reputational risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Q, the recently introduced chatbot, methodically designed to increase corporate productivity.

It empowers employees by assisting in the summarization of critical papers, the handling of support requests, and the facilitation of seamless communication via popular apps such as Slack.

Notably, Q goes beyond traditional features by permitting automatic changes to a company’s source code, speed up the development process.

This advancement comes around a year after the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which sparked major investment in generative AI businesses. Amazon promotes itself as a market leader with Q, a dynamic tool for enterprises to optimize their operations.

While, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky has introduced “Guardrails for Bedrock” to address concerns about unwanted content generated by AI applications. This tool serves as a safeguard, allowing users to easily filter out hazardous content.

Given that generative AI derives insights from publicly available content, the inclusion of potentially offensive or objectionable material raises issues, particularly for younger users and during key moments such as global crises or elections.

Guardrails for Bedrock, according to Selipsky, allows users to establish boundaries on the generative AI they use.

A bank, for example, can design an online assistant to avoid providing investing advice, whilst an e-commerce site can guarantee that its assistant does not use hate speech or insults to prevent unsuitable content.

Q’s corporate appeal is based on its ability to protect sensitive data, allowing organizations to apply limitations. The cost structure begins at $20 per user each year, making it an affordable and effective tool for businesses.

Amazon also announces a ground-breaking commitment to protect its customers from lawsuits arising from the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.

This action reflects Amazon’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal protection for its clients, reaffirming its position as an industry leader.

Guardrails for Bedrock is in limited preview, however Amazon remains committed to enhancing AI safety measures.

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