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Revealing Shocking Leaked Tesla Documents: Insights into Cybertruck Problems.

Bollards bear the brunt of car crashes as brakes are slammed to prevent imaginary collisions. Disturbingly, a collection of internal Tesla documents, totaling 100 gigabytes, has been leaked to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, revealing significant technical limitations in the company’s EV technology.

Between 2015 and March 2022, Handelsblatt obtained 23,000 files detailing issues with Tesla’s Autopilot system in Europe, the US, and Asia. These documents appear to expose serious flaws in the company’s self-driving technology, potentially leading to increased scrutiny from regulators. Authorities and customers alike will scour these reports for evidence of Tesla misleading them about the safety of its vehicles.

The leaks further fuel concerns already held by Tesla investors and analysts, who worry that the company has lost its way. The highly anticipated self-driving technology remains far from road-worthy, and the company struggles to translate promising concepts into tangible products. Since 2020, Tesla has not introduced any new consumer vehicles, lagging behind rival automakers that are racing to develop new electric vehicles to meet the soaring demand. Amongst the myriad of revelations, a discreet mention hints at a secret report on Tesla’s long-awaited “Cybertruck,” a peculiarly angular pickup truck announced in 2019. Unfortunately, the news surrounding it is unlikely to be positive.

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, director of the Centre for Automotive Research in Duisburg, Germany, remarks, “Tesla urgently needs a new credibility story.” The leaked documents are shocking, recounting near-death experiences caused by Tesla’s Autopilot system. However, industry analysts claim that such revelations are not entirely unexpected.

Matthias Schmidt, an independent automotive analyst in Berlin, states, “For most of us who have been covering Tesla for a decade now, this isn’t that surprising, and it is likely unsurprising for most Tesla customers too.”

Schmidt argues that Tesla has long embraced a “move fast and break things” approach to product development, raising concerns about the readiness of their new releases for the market. The reported deaths involving Teslas stand at 393, with 33 attributed to Autopilot. Schmidt accuses Musk of accepting driver fatalities as an unfortunate consequence of advancing technology. Musk did not respond to requests for comment on this matter or address Schmidt’s allegations.

It is often challenging to separate the Tesla brand from its CEO’s personality. Musk has traditionally brushed off criticisms of his products, often resorting to Twitter, which he acquired for $44 billion in October of last year. However, the magnitude of the German leaks could make it increasingly difficult for Musk to maintain his version of events, as Dudenhöffer suggests.

Dudenhöffer says, “He has thousands of bits of information, of customer complaints, and at the same time he tells people it’s the best product in the world,” drawing parallels to the scandal Volkswagen faced in the mid-2010s when it was revealed that the automaker had downplayed the environmental impact of its vehicles.

Dudenhöffer places the blame for Tesla’s mounting troubles squarely on Musk, who divides his time between running Tesla, SpaceX, his rocket company, and Twitter, which has faced constant turmoil since his takeover last year. Dudenhöffer insists, “He should no longer be the CEO and lead Tesla because he makes mistake after mistake after mistake.”

In the past, Tesla has relied on a loyal customer base that stood by the company through its numerous challenges, defending it as a significant disruptor in the automotive industry. However, Tesla’s leadership position is slipping. Despite teasing a mystery vehicle recently, the company has provided limited details about its upcoming generation of cars. The Cybertruck, initially slated for production in 2021, has been repeatedly delayed, with the current target set for 2024.

“Tesla has a track record of setting high expectations but often struggles to meet them,” remarks Soumen Mandal, a senior research analyst at Counterpoint Research. Once the Cybertruck finally launches, it will face stiff competition from Ford, Chevrolet, and other manufacturers. Moreover, the delays in bringing the Cybertruck to market will have ripple effects.

Mandal adds, “The delay in the launch of the Cybertruck will inevitably lead to a delay in the release of the Roadster,” referring to Tesla’s other long-awaited product.

Tesla cannot rely on its reputation indefinitely. Håkan Lutz, CEO and founder of Luvly, an EV mini-mobility company, asserts, “Even for established brands like Tesla, winning the confidence of consumers is vital.” Ongoing safety failures and production delays have caused customers to question whether self-driving vehicles will ever become a reality. The extended delays surrounding the Cybertruck, announced four years ago, do not inspire confidence in the company.

Investors have evidently lost patience, as Tesla’s share price peaked at $407.36 in 2021, only to decline by more than half, closing at $184.47 per share on May 25, 2023.

“Shareholders have been demanding that Musk take charge again for a long time,” Schmidt points out. “Tesla cannot operate on autopilot mode.”

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