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To combat air pollution, Punjab has declared smog as a 'Calamity'.

To combat air pollution, Punjab has declared smog as a ‘Calamity’.

On Wednesday, the Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) made a critical announcement, designating smog a “calamity” in the province. The label comes on the back of Lahore’s prolonged terrible status as the world’s most polluted city with harmful air quality.

According to, a global air quality monitoring tool, the air quality index (AQI) in Lahore reached 439 in the early hours of Tuesday. The AQI remained around 325 throughout the day.

For breathing to considered safe, the AQI must less than 50, emphasizing the severity of the condition.

In response to this serious scenario, the provincial government called a meeting to review the necessary actions. The PDMA also termed the smog problem a “calamity” and took necessary steps.

The PDMA imposed a ban on crop residue burning and directed officials to take severe action against cars generating smoke. It made obvious that those factories that polluted the environment would face consequences. The District Authorities have to monitor all Industrial operations including bricks kilns.

Also, PDMA representative highlighted the importance of severe action against firms that pollute the environment and urged district administrations to properly monitor kilns that did not employ zig-zag technology.

The notification, gave deputy commissioners the authority of the relief commissioner to conduct smog control and mitigation measures.

Another important development, the Punjab caretaker cabinet held meeting to solve the smog crisis.

During the discussion, environmental experts emphasized their concerns, stating that simply closing schools and stopping transportation services would not sufficient.

As a result, the government ordered that all public and private school students wear masks for one month. A pollution emergency also declared across the province, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

From Thursday, provincial ministers received orders to visit public and private schools, actively participating in disseminating awareness and guaranteeing mask compliance among pupils.

To combat air pollution further, rules got to penalize people who did not properly dispose of dust, sand, and clay during house construction.

Interim Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi participated actively in these decisions and issued explicit directives to Lahore officials.

During smog season, authorities reversed challans handed to farmers due to agricultural residue burning. They asked farmers to explore alternative crop residue disposal methods.

The chief minister highlighted the value of maintaining active actions against smoke-emitting cars and companies. The relevant departments are urge to take all steps necessary to reduce pollution in public buses.

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