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InDrive integrates electric motorcycles into fleet

InDrive integrating electric motorcycles into fleet

InDrive, a well-known ride-hailing service, has teamed with Vlektra, an EV manufacturer, to add electric motorcycles to its fleet in Pakistan. InDrive is the first ride-hailing firm in the country to integrate EVs, marking a significant step toward decreasing emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

The collaboration between InDrive and Vlektra has been heralded as a watershed moment in Pakistan’s transportation sector, guiding the country toward a more sustainable future.

This strategic agreement demonstrates both organizations’ commitment to innovation and sustainability in the region, with the goal of bringing about a significant transition toward cleaner and more eco-conscious mobility.

InDrive’s Sustainability Commitment:

InDrive’s Director of the APAC Region, Roman Ermoshin, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing its importance in fostering sustainability and innovation in Pakistan. The addition of electric bikes to the fleet represents a concerted attempt to contribute to the region’s cleaner, more ecologically conscious future.

Vlektra Co-Founder Fatiq Bin Khursheed reaffirmed the sentiment, underlining the pioneering significance of this action in Pakistan’s ride-hailing scene. The collaboration’s major goal is to actively reduce emissions and promote for environmentally friendly transportation, in line with the global shift toward sustainable mobility.

InDrive has increased its environmental awareness by introducing an initiative to promote electric automobiles and sustainability. The campaign intends to provide free EV bikes to the best-performing drivers, so fostering a positive change toward embracing eco-friendly transportation options.

InDrive and Vlektra Background:

InDrive, which launched in 2013, is a global ride-hailing company that operates in over 450 locations across 46 countries. It distinguishes itself by enabling consumers to establish rates based on real-time demand and market conditions, assuring pricing transparency for both passengers and drivers.

Vlektra, a Pakistani firm founded in 2021, aims to creating environmentally clean and sustainable electric vehicle solutions. In fact, Vlektra strives to lowering Pakistan’s carbon footprint, offers a variety of electric bikes and scooters suitable for everyday use.


The incorporation of electric motorbikes into InDrive’s fleet, in partnership with Vlektra, not only establishes a precedent in Pakistan’s ride-hailing landscape, but also a transformative path toward sustainable and ecologically conscious mobility.

Lastly, the collaboration exemplifies the potential for collaboration and innovation to promote positive change in the transportation sector.

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