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Spotify Reduces Workforce by 17%

Spotify Reduces Workforce by 17% Facing Economic Slowdown

Spotify has announced a large workers decrease in reaction to “dramatically” slower economic development, laying off around 17% of its employees. This decision follows Spotify’s unusual quarterly net profit of 65 million euros in October, a significant improvement over the previous year’s loss of 166 million euros during the same period.

The company’s decision to decrease its employment comes as economic conditions change, affecting the technology industry and driving enterprises to rethink their operating structures.

Despite Spotify’s strong earnings report and user growth, CEO Daniel Ek highlighted the importance of strategic changes.

Around 1,500 staff will likely to leave the company, marking Spotify’s third round of layoffs this year. The decision echoes a broader trend in the tech industry, in which a number of corporations have announced job layoffs in order to line with shifting economic realities.

Bringing Operations in Line with Economic Reality:

Ek acknowledged the significance of the reduction in a letter to staff, citing the company’s recent excellent financial performance. He emphasized the company’s early investments in team development, content enhancement, marketing, and new verticals in 2020 and 2021, when lower-cost capital was available.

Ek, on the other hand, emphasized that the economic landscape has transformed, with slower growth and higher capital expenses. He noted that, despite efforts to reduce costs, the company’s existing cost structure is still higher than necessary.

The change intends to establish a leaner structure, allowing Spotify to strategically spend profits and contribute to business growth. Spotify, that’s registered on the New York Stock Exchange, has served as a key participant in the online music business, investing heavily in expansions and exclusive content such as podcasts.

The corporation has had to balance large investments with the goal of generating steady profitability. This employment reduction is consistent with Spotify’s goal of becoming more productive and efficient in 2022 and 2023.

Ek underlined the importance of bridging the gap between financial goals and operational costs, as well as making significant adjustments for long-term success.


The announcement shines light on the broader economic issues that internet businesses are facing, with industry titans like Meta and Microsoft also announcing intentions to downsize their workforces. Spotify’s shift highlights the agility required in the ever-changing tech industry.

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