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Pakistani Politician Parvez Khattak Leak Nude Photos 2023

The Twitter handle might Belong to Hareem Shah, a Pakistani celebrity known for her controversial activities, Who recently stirred up a new wave of discussions by sharing a nude photo, claiming it to be of Parveez Khattak. Khattak, Recently expelled from the PTI by Imran Khan, has since formed a political party called Pakistan Thareek Insaaf Parliamentarian.

Parvez Khattak has faced criticism from his constituents for deviating from the PTI’s path and becoming a rebel. As of now, nine out of the forty-five members have come forward to deny joining the PTI-P and Khattak’s new party.

Prominent figures, including PTI leaders Muhammad Jan, Iftikhar Mashwani, Malik Shaukat, Taj Muhammad Khan, Pir Masoor Khan, and Sajida Zulfikar, have all refuted their involvement with Khattak’s new political endeavor.

Parveez Khattak’s name continues to dominate headlines, garnering significant attention. However, the wind seems to be blowing in his favor.

The question lingers: Will Khattak retain his seat and establish himself as a new force in Pakistani politics? or will he face a fate similar to Fawad Chaudhry, Aleem Khan, and Jahangir Tareen?

As the elections draw near, the dynamics are becoming even more intriguing. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has stated that their term will conclude on August 14, 2023. This impending deadline adds a layer of anticipation and interest to the political landscape.

In conclusion, Hareem Shah’s recent actions and Parveez Khattak’s political journey have captivated the public’s attention. While controversies surround them, it remains to be seen how Khattak’s new party will fare and whether he can maintain his position in Pakistani politics. As the elections approach, these developments will undoubtedly shape the political landscape and determine the future.

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