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Child among two dead in Afghan soldier’s ‘unprovoked’ firing at Chaman border

A child was killed by unprovoked Afghan soldier fire near the Chaman border.

A youngster was killed in an unjustified attack at the Chaman border crossing, putting light on simmering tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The event, which involved an Afghan soldier stationed at the Friendship Gate on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in the Baluchistan raised severe worries about the region’s security and tranquility.

Unprovoked and indiscriminate firing happened at the outbound gate on the zero line, resulting in the horrific death of two innocent Pakistani residents, one of them was a 12-year-old child. Another youngster was injured in the crossfire, emphasizing the rashness of the attack.

To avoid collateral damage, Pakistani troops displayed extraordinary restraint by abstaining from engaging in any exchange of fire, particularly in the presence of innocent passengers.

The deceased victims were respectfully transferred to DHQ Hospital Chaman, while the injured youngster, who was quickly evacuated by security personnel, is presently receiving medical treatment.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) highlighted their efforts to engage with Afghan officials to uncover the purpose behind this irresponsible conduct and urged them to catch the offender, who must be handed over to Pakistani authorities for legal procedure.

The ISPR also urged the Interim Afghan Government to exert control over its forces and instill discipline in order to ensure responsible behavior and prevent similar tragic situations in the future.

While Pakistan remains dedicated to creating peace, prosperity, and development through friendly and constructive bilateral ties, instances like these have the potential to undermine these aspirations. The Chaman border crossing is critical for easing trade and travel, particularly for trucks bringing fruit exports from the Afghan city of Kandahar and those seeking medical treatment in Pakistan.

This terrible event serves as a harsh reminder of long-standing border tensions that have existed both under the two-decade reign of Afghanistan’s US-backed government and since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021.

As these instances undermine the region’s prosperity and stability, efforts must be made to safeguard the safety and security of innocent populations and to maintain peaceful ties between neighboring states.

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