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Barrister Gohar Khan

PTI Intra-Party Elections: Gohar Khan Nominated for Chairmanship

Barrister Ali Zafar, said on Wednesday that Imran Khan, the party’s chairman, will not participate in the upcoming intra-party polls. Barrister Gohar Khan has nominated to fill the chairman slot.

The statement came out at a news conference in Islamabad attended by PTI Senator Ali Zafar, Raoof Hasan, and Barrister Gohar Khan.

Zafar highlighted that the chairmanship is just temporary, and that Imran Khan will return to the position if his disqualification in the Toshakhana case gets overturned.

Zafar emphasized Imran Khan’s conviction in the Toshakhana case, noting that while the punishment is now erect, a final decision is still pending.

PTI Senior Vice President Marwat congratulated Gohar separately. “PTI must stand united in this difficult time and do everything possible to work in the national interest,” he wrote on X (previously Twitter).

“I have a message for everyone involved in propaganda of any kind. “If you want to be patriotic, you should stop disparaging others,” Marwat stated.

Sher Afzal Marwat has previously claimed that Imran Khan’s choice not to run in intra-party elections led to the Toshakhana case conviction. Following the elections, Marwat expected the selection of a new chairman, a claim rejected by the official PTI platform on social media

In reaction to the claims, a PTI spokesperson from the official X Twitter remarked that the party categorically denies any speculation about intra-party elections.

The official underlined that Imran Khan has not conveyed any decision regarding participation or withdrawal from the elections, and no decision to nominate another leader is still pending.

This development comes as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued directives for the PTI to hold intra-party elections, leading the party’s leadership to make strategic maneuvers.

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