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Imran Khan

EX- PM Imran Khan Accord Bail in Cipher Case:

The Dilect: Ex-Prime minister Imran Khan and Ex foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi were granted free chit in cipher case today.

Rumors suggested this case to be a death sentence, a game finish case for EX party chairman Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Justice Attar Minullah said, “This case does not accuse Imran Khan, he is innocent.”

I Order to set free Ex Prime Minster Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Islamabad High Court held this case.


It was earlier seen between ISI and the Foreign Minister, which led to the matter of the Cipher Case. Ministry stood strong again and told Dept of Intelligence. And It passes no Harm to Pakistan.

Furthermore, Salman Sardar Imran Khan’s Lawyer called it “ To make a mountain of the molehill”. This has not fallen on us but on the system. 

In addition “This all is done to be politically victimized. Opposition is running a campaign of Political victimization.”

Earlier Today: The chief justice announced No PTI candidate should be teased.

It signals Imran Khan is now finally getting relief from the system which kept him in tough surveillance for a while. 

The Report: “Yesterday, Imran Khan’s election papers were misplaced from Adiala jail by the Jail Administration. An entire Platoon was unaware of the matter. “

The Zig Zag Justice will always remain a question!

Once a wise man said:
“Justice delayed is Justice Denied!”

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Will the elections be held on 8th February?

Imran Khan be brought back to power?

Things Get on OLD pace again?

Imran Khan found peace with Big Guns?

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