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"Mickey Arthur on 'Stifling' World Cup Security and It's Impact

‘Stifling’ World Cup Security in India, Impact on Pakistani Campaign

Pakistan’s team director, Mickey Arthur, expressed concern about the strict security procedures that will face the Green Shirts at the ICC World Cup 2023 in India. He compared the current security conditions to the limits imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To keep their semi-final hopes, Pakistan must win their match against New Zealand on Friday.

Several players caught fevers and flu during the event, with fast bowler Hasan Ali referring these illnesses to “room sickness.”

The strict security standards prevent players from leaving their hotel without substantial security, keeping them bound to their hotel rooms for the majority of the time.

“As a Pakistan team, we play a hell of a lot of cricket, so going on the road is nothing new for these guys,” Arthur said of the security protocols. We’re under intense security, which makes it hard.”

“It’s almost like we’re back in the Covid days, where you’re almost isolated to your floor and your team room,” he continued. So much so that their breakfast is serve in a separate room from the rest of the group. That proved the most difficult aspect.”

Notably, Pakistan is taking part in a tournament in Indian for the first time since 2016.

Since their arrival in India at the end of September, the team’s outings remain severely constrained by the restrictions.

“The boys are used of spending time on the road, but when they’re on the road, they’ve still managed to get out and have meals, for example, at different places, and get out on their own accord,” Arthur said of prior tours.

This time, we’re unable to do so. That turned out difficult. That felt extremely suffocating.”

“Shadab went through a preliminary test today,” Arthur said of all-rounder Shadab Khan’s involvement in the remaining matches after suffering a concussion. He got through that okay, but we’re not in a position to make a decision on him yet.”

Shadab Khan has previously suffered two concussions, making his situation concerning.

Mickey Arthur said that Pakistan didn’t perform to their maximum capacity during the competition.

“If I’m brutally honest, I don’t think we’ve played to our full potential in this tournament yet,” he remarked. “I thought the Bangladesh game turned out the first time we actually put together a complete game.”

Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by seven wickets, their third victory in seven games.

To qualify for the semi-finals, Pakistan must not only win their upcoming matches against New Zealand and England. But Pakistan also need good outcomes in other games.

Arthur stated that South Africa’s massive victory against New Zealand provides Pakistan a lifeline. They need significant victories in their remaining matches to keep their semi-final aspirations alive.

The difficulties caused by security limitations in India have complicated Pakistan’s campaign for the ICC World Cup 2023.

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