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Mark your Calendar for Oct 2023: Mirzapur Season 3

Mirzapur Season 3: Highly Anticipated Release and Updates

When Will be Mirzapur 3 released?

Release Date and Platform The much-anticipated Mirzapur Season 3 is set to grace our screens in October 2023. Amazon Prime Video will be the streaming platform for this upcoming installment. The series has generated significant buzz and anticipation, making it one of the most-awaited web series of the year.

Returning Characters and Cast Fans can expect the return of familiar faces to the Mirzapur universe. Pankaj Tripathi will reprise his role as the cunning Akhandanand Tripathi, also known as Kaleen Bhaiya. Ali Fazal will return as the determined Guddu Pandit, seeking vengeance for the losses he endured. Shriya Pilgaonkar will continue to portray Sweety Gupta, Guddu’s wife. Divyenndu will make a comeback as Phoolchand Tripathi, or Munna, Kaleen Bhaiya’s ambitious son.

Spoiler Alert:

Plot Expectations The third season promises to escalate the intensity and drama that fans have come to love. The power struggle between Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit is expected to reach new heights, with both characters refusing to back down. Additionally, introducing new characters like Madhuri Yadav, Chief Minister of UP and widow of Munna Bhaiya, is expected to complicate the dynamics in Mirzapur further.

Did Munna Tirphati Die in Season 2?

Plot Developments and Anticipated Violence Recent plot details suggest that the upcoming season will be marked by increased violence and turmoil. Sharad Shukla, Ratishankar’s son, is poised to make his mark and challenge the existing power structure. The aftermath of the wedding massacre continues to reverberate, with characters like Golu and Guddu facing threats and seeking retribution. The tensions within the Tripathi family, as well as the broader Mirzapur landscape, are expected to intensify.

What happened in Mirzapur Season 2?

Continuation from Season 2 The events of Mirzapur Season 2 concluded with a series of dramatic and tragic incidents. Bauji, the head of the Tripathi family, met his demise, leading to a complex web of revenge and power struggles. Characters like Beena and Maqbool Khan were motivated by their desires for vengeance, adding layers of complexity to the narrative. The unresolved issues and tensions set the stage for the upcoming conflicts.


  1. Who are the main actors in Mirzapur Season 3? The key actors reprising their roles in Mirzapur Season 3 include Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Shriya Pilgaonkar.
  2. What is the budget for Mirzapur Season 3? The production budget for the third season of Mirzapur is estimated to be around 60 Crores in Indian rupees.

The third season of Mirzapur is eagerly awaited by fans, who are anticipating a gripping continuation of the political-crime drama that has captivated audiences since its inception. As October 2023 approaches, viewers can look forward to the unfolding of complex characters, intense confrontations, and the further evolution of the Mirzapur narrative.

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