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Information Minister Assured on the ECP’s Finical Stability

Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi has addressed worries over the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) financial requirements, stating firmly that there is “no crisis” ahead of the vital February 8 elections.

Solangi used X (formerly Twitter) to address the situation, noting, “There is no crisis in meeting the financial needs of the ECP.” He promised the ECP that the budgeted cash will be released in accordance with its requirements.

“Firm Commitment to Free and Fair Elections:” He further stated, “We firmly stand behind the ECP in holding free and fair elections as mandated by Article 218(3) of the constitution.”

Meanwhile, the federal government has already approved Rs42 billion for the ECP’s financial requirements, of which Rs10 billion already disbursed. The minister stated that the ECP has demanded the release of Rs17.4 billion from the remaining allocated money.

Finance Secretary Imdadullah Bosal attended the ECP offices in response to allegations that he received a summoned due to a delay in finances for general elections. Bosal informed the media that the finance department would release the funds deemed necessary by the ECP within two days.

Delay Reports Refuted by ECP:

Last week, the ECP rejected reports that suggested a postponement in the approaching general elections, calling them “baseless and misleading.”

The ECP and President Arif Alvi have confirmed the election date of February 8, 2024.

Security Arrangements:

The ECP has submitted a letter to the interior ministry outlining a security personnel deficiency of 277,558 for the elections. ECP Secretary Omar Hamid Khan has urged that army soldiers and other security personnel participate to ensure a smooth Elections.

The letter underscored the executive branch’s constitutional commitment to help the electoral monitor. The ECP has set a December 7 deadline for certification of personnel availability from the Pakistan Army and civil armed forces.


The assurance from the Information Minister, together with the finance secretary’s promise, indicates consistency in addressing the ECP’s financial needs for the upcoming elections.

The ECP’s appeal for more security officers emphasizes the significance of a secure environment for the electoral process.

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